We offer the technical consultancy in the field of designing mechanical and natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems in construction works.
We advise developers, architects and engineers on designing SHEVs and NSHEVs within apartments and office buildings, shopping centres, enclosed parking lots,  storage and industrial buildings, underground roads, rail tunnels and others. We also partake in pre-designing smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, that including arranging and dimensioning the components of fire protection systems. Unusual projects are interesting challenges we are eager to help with.We are not affiliated with any of the manufacturers of fire safety devices and components.

We carry out CFD simulations are based on our own concepts or design solutions provided in specific phases of the design process. We assess the efficiency of mechanical and natural smoke, heat and exhaust ventilation systems, smoke control or pressurization systems within the evacuation routes. Our company offers computer simulations of buildings' exterior air flow.

We have our own computing cluster. We use ANSYS Fluent and Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) software to carry out the CFD analysis. Our employees' experience in conducting numerical calculations goes back to 2001.

Our company carries out computational evacuation simulations considering different buildings with complicated geometry. The aim of the analysis is to calculate Required Safe Egress Time (RSET). We apply Pathfinder, Evac and buildingExodus software in our analysis.

We offer dedicated training for designers and fire experts in the field of designing  the fire ventilation systems. Our training programme meets the individual customers' requirements. Proposed training topics are the development of fire in buildings, dimensioning and requirements for fire ventilation based on the methods from Polish, European and American standards and guidelines (PN, BRE, BS, NEN, NBN, VDI i NFPA).

We have the professional indemnity insurance.We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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